The Medieval in the province of Savona

Moving away from the coast, the sea and its ports, you return back from the age of commerce and exploration to that of knights and castles. It is in the hinterland of Savona that the Medieval has left its most important traces: from the Cairo Montenotte Castle, isolated in the green heights, overlooking the village, to the monumental walls of the Noli Castle, which seem to arise from a legend from another era, to the complete town wall of Villanova d'Albenga and to the village of Zuccarello di Ilaria del Carretto and the remote Cosseria Castle.

The Development of the natural and cultural resources of Liguria project (Level 4 of Por Fesr 2007-2013) permits the complete recovery of the full functionality of these testimonies to times gone by. Liguria Heritage will guide you through these sites rich in history and beauty.