Castles, walls and forts in the province of Genoa

Stone upon stone, through valleys and hills. Fortified sites, castles, testimony of the Medieval period in the province of Genoa. From the village of Cogorno, the thirteenth-century jewel representing the grandeur of the Fieschi family, to the Pietra Castle, beautifully located on a rock spur, like something from Gothic literature. The Fieschi presence is also found in Torriglia, Savignone and Montoggio, with the Spinola family the protagonists of the Medieval period in Genoa.

From the oldest defensive structures, guarding the paths of the hinterland and overlooking strategic junctions, to castle - palaces, halfway between the residences and defensive sites, the Development of the natural and cultural resources of Liguria project (Level 4 of Por Fesr 2007-2013) restores the past importance of these testimonies of the Middle Ages.

Liguria Heritage guides you through a world of feudalism, merchants, horsemen, farmers and emperors, spanning the most evocative chapters of history.