30 April 2014
The important recycling of one of the most beautiful proofs in Ligurian Middle Ages. The castle of Monte Ursino was built in the 10th century on the hill from which it takes the name to defend Noli by the Saracen raids. After a careful recycling it is today perfectly usable.
27 March 2014
Protagonist of a famous plot which wreaked havoc on it, Fieschis’ castle overlooks from the high the village of Montoggio. In Middle Ages it was an unconquerable castle; today, thanks to a careful work of recycling, it is again perfectly usable and can tell all its illustrious past
27 February 2014
An ancient defensive post presiding over the Bormida Valley that has been restored to host concerts and theatre shows
24 January 2014
The former residence of an important local family in an area rich in history. Built thanks to Captain Guglielmo II Spinola, it soon lost its defensive purpose to assume exclusively a political-administrative function. Restored and made accessible, it now hosts the Archaeological Museum of the Scrivia Valley
23 September 2014
Liguria Heritage Audioguides App accompanies the visitor to the discovery of the benefits of the feudal network and tells its history, revealing curiosities and anecdotes
21 November 2013
Immersed in a beautiful natural scenario, the castle overlooks the valleys and is surrounded by a mountain landscape witnessing abundant snowfall in winter. The recently-restored castle overlooks the village of Santo Stefano d'Aveto and is located a few steps away from its historical centre
20 December 2013
A biennial development plan involving 97 cultural assets, which have been restored thanks to the funds provided by Axis 4 of the EU Programme Por Fesr 2007-2013. A project created with the objective of encouraging use and enjoyment of the cultural assets in our area, because increasing the flows of tourists means supporting and developing our economy
14 October 2013
An ancient defensive post over the territory, this castle overlooks the whole Nervia Valley. The Castle of Dolceacqua boasts a history which reaches back over a thousand years. Built as a defensive fort against pirate incursions, it used to be the residence of one of the most powerful families of our history: the Doria
14 October 2013
A rare example of contamination between the work of men and nature, the Castle of Pietra overlooks the Scrivia Valley. An unconquerable fortress, it is built between two rock towers. Recently restored, you can visit it today in all its ancient charm
14 October 2013
Located on a crossroad between ancient routes, the fortress of Sarzanello is a place where pages of history have been written