Archaeological site of Carpena
11 February 2014
The remains of the castle of Carpena, first ruled by the Este and then by the Malaspina family, always at the centre of disputes between local lords, are located in a strategic position next to the Gulf of La Spezia. The restoration improved the archaeological site with fencing and renovations
Area archeologica di Carpena

The medieval village of Carpena lies in the valley that hosts Riccò del Golfo. Locals use the name castle of Carpena to refer to the place where this fortified building used to stand, which was destroyed in 1412 by troops led by Antonio Doria during an intense battle.

Today, a visit to the castle allows visitors to understand the extent of such a bloody battle: the castle was completely torn down, and what is left is just some ruins of its external walls. A number of archaeological excavations have recently been carried out on site.

The complex is in advanced stage of ruin. The project for the development of natural and cultural resources of Liguria (Axis 4 of the EU Programme Por Fesr 2007-2013) implemented some safety measures in this area, through the placement of adequate fencing, in order to exploit the existing archaeological heritage, enable the complex to host recreational/educational events and facilitate its use and enjoyment by visitors. The development of this site has been complemented by maintenance work of the road network and the creation of an archive.