Castle of Santo Stefano, restoration completed
21 November 2013
Immersed in a beautiful natural scenario, the castle overlooks the valleys and is surrounded by a mountain landscape witnessing abundant snowfall in winter. The recently-restored castle overlooks the village of Santo Stefano d'Aveto and is located a few steps away from its historical centre
Il Castello

Perched on the mountains between Liguria and Emilia, this castle used to preside over the village of Santo Stefano d'Aveto in the Milddle Agea crossroad of routes leading from the sea to the plains, and it has preserved all its grandeur.

The recently-concluded restoration was aimed at exploiting this building for cultural and tourist purposes: internal areas were cleared, excavations were carried out, walls and other parts in stone were restored and reinforced. Moreover, a wooden staircase was built to allow visitors to access the interior.

An asset of great value has thus been returned to the community and visitors, surrounded by remarkable natural scenarios, a popular destination all year round thanks to its views, trails and ski facilities.