Fortress of Sarzanello
14 October 2013
Located on a crossroad between ancient routes, the fortress of Sarzanello is a place where pages of history have been written
L'ingresso della Fortezza

An ancient defensive post located on a crossroad of important routes between Liguria and Tuscany, castrum (castle) long disputed by emperors and bishops, according to the tradition this castle was built by Machiavelli’s Prince Castruccio Castracani; the Fortress of Sarzanello overlooks the whole Val di Magra (Magra Valley).

Though its legendary origins are not proved, the Fortress of Sarzanello surely represents one of the finest examples of military architecture in Italy. Pages of history books were written between its walls: its origin dates back to the eleventh century, when the village of Sarzana started to develop around it and was later ruled by the Malaspina family; the fortress passed then under the Banco di San Giorgio and saw the construction of the ravelin, the bastion at the entrance, and subsequent modifications carried out by the Medici, until the guns eventually installed by Napoleonic soldiers.

A stroll on the “Montata of Sarzanello”, a walkway above the fortress, is a journey through its history.