Castle of Dolceacqua
14 October 2013
An ancient defensive post over the territory, this castle overlooks the whole Nervia Valley. The Castle of Dolceacqua boasts a history which reaches back over a thousand years. Built as a defensive fort against pirate incursions, it used to be the residence of one of the most powerful families of our history: the Doria
Il castello e il borgo

Time seems to have frozen in the Nervia Valley, among olive groves, forests and castles: nothing or little has changed since the twelfth century indeed, when the Counts of Ventimiglia extended their domain over the entire valley after they defeated the Saracen pirates and built this castle for defensive purposes. The castle was later upgraded and extended by the Doria, a noble family who started building its influence right from the village of Dolceacqua.

Still today, the castle looks imposing over the town: at its feet, past the picturesque bridge painted by Monet, lies the neighbourhood of Téra, an intricate maze of dark alleys where the perfume of basil mixes with the scents of wine, lavender and Marseille soap.

Legend, history and traditions blend in Dolceacqua. Still today, feudal times survive in the local dialect, traditions and culinary delicacies, such as the Michette, the sweets believed to have been prepared for the count by local women.