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Use the RSS (really simple syndication) system to view the new from Liguria Heritage, the regional project for the development of the cultural resources of Liguria. RSS feeds keep you automatically informed. The free and fast system provides updates published on the portal and all the latest information within a short time, even if you are not navigating on Liguria Heritage.

How it works

Through RSS feeds Liguria Heritage distributes the title, summary and the address of news and events. You must be connected to the Internet to view the content and use the program, called an "aggregator" that allows you to consult the feed. These programs are available in free and subscription versions (see some examples later on), and are simple to use and fast to use. There are also on-line versions that do not require PC installation and can be used from any Internet station. Certain programs for the management of emails, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, also function as RSS feeds.

What can you do with RSS feeds?

Liguria Heritage feeds can be used for non-commercial purposes by individuals and non-profit organisations and for the reading of RSS documents (readers) via aggregator software programs. Their use for the publication of the titles of the latest news on web sites and blogs is allowed only for non-commercial use and if they do not contain adult-only or illegal content. By using the Liguria Heritage RSS service you declare that you have understood the above guidelines and will not contravene the same. The Liguria Region reserves the right to suspend the service at any time and the right to demand the immediate cessation of any specific use of the RSS service that is not in conformity with that described above.

Instructions for use

To use the feed right click on the RSS icon select "copy connection" and paste the link in your aggregator.



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Below are examples of certain links to sites that offer free aggregators (sites in English and a number of programs in Italian):

- to install on your PC:
FeedDemon | FeedReader | Rssreader | sharpreader

- to use on-line, without installing anything:
bloglines | feedshow