Genoa Port Center
Magazzini del cotone I modulo - 16126 Genova (GE)
Telefono: 010 86 12 096
Le sale del Genoa Port Center Le sale del Genoa Port Center Le sale del Genoa Port Center Le sale del Genoa Port Center Le sale del Genoa Port Center Le sale del Genoa Port Center Le sale del Genoa Port Center Le sale del Genoa Port Center

Genoa Port Center, the Educational Exhibition Centre of Genoa Port, is in the heart of the Ancient Port of Genoa, a short walk from the Aquarium. It has been active since 2009 as a service for the general public to inform them on and let them visit Genoa Port.

Genoa Port Center, which was developed during the Development of the natural and cultural resources of Liguria project (Level 4 of Por Fesr 2007-2013), is the first and only public exhibition in Italy and in the Mediterranean that explains, easily and pleasantly, what Genoa Port, the main Italian port of call and one of the most important in Europe is like and how it works.

Using original and involving exhibiting techniques (simulators and interactive tools), the aim of the centre is to allow visitors to become aware of and experiment all the activities and professions of those who work in and for the port, providing services to ships, goods and passengers. Visitors can in fact experience sea and port operations directly, because Genoa Port Centre is connected in real time with the port information channels.

In short, Genoa Port Center proposes putting the port in touch with the territory, improving the social image of the port and bringing out the heritage of the structures and not only the port processes, but also those of the organizational, technical and professional knowledge under a social and educational profile.

The initiatives of Genoa Port Center are addressed to society in general (citizens, tourists) and especially to students and companies in the marine sector, to strengthen the relationship between them and encourage young people to become interested in careers involving the sea and port logistics.

A little bit of history

The Molo Vecchio General Storehouses, which cover a surface area of more than 31,000 square metres, were built at the end of the nineteenth century.

They were restored after the Second World War as a result of the damage they suffered, and were then abandoned. Final renovation was carried out only thanks to architect Renzo Piano’s project while producing the “Ancient Port” area, which occurred on the occasion of the Columbian celebrations in 1992 (500 years after the discovery of America).

The storehouses are now called the Cotton Stores (Magazzini del Cotone) because after the Second World War they were completely destined for depositing stocks of cotton unloaded from the ships passing through Genoa port.

The intervention

The seat of Genoa Port Center, on the second floor of the first building of the Cotton Stores, in front of the De Amicis Library, is not a museum in the traditional sense of the word: rather, it appears to be a cross between an “open-air extended museum” and a “living museum”. Thanks to the Axis 4 funds of the Por Fesr 2007-2013, the available 460 square metres have been furnished with mobile and modular structures based on the idea of a container as the current symbol of the marine port.

The intervention has made it possible to improve the attractiveness of the territory by improving the cultural resources and those related to the port activities which, until 2009, were highlighted in a sporadic and inadequate manner.
Thanks to suitable integration into the tourist offer network, it was possible to increase the offer and its diversification, increasing above all the possibilities of seasonally adjusting the tourist flow thanks to the scholastic tourism target.


The Ancient Port is a perfect starting point for pleasant walks in the city centre, which is the widest in Europe with its 400,000 square meters.
Far from the traffic, in the narrow alleys that are almost exclusively for pedestrians (the famous “caruggi”), you can discover an unknown Genoa that is full of churches, noble villas, small and pretty squares.

The Rolli palaces are particularly prestigious, and were declared a “World Heritage” by UNESCO in 2006.

For information and itineraries: infopoint via Garibaldi (facing the Musei di Strada Nuova bookshop).


Renovated in 1992 for the Expo, the Cotton Stores have been used for various cultural and recreational activities: in addition to a multi-screen cinema, in fact, they host the City of children, a teaching area where children can experiment and play games guided by animators, the Edmondo De Amicis public Library for young people, where it is possible to consult texts that are suitable for children and psychopedagogic books, the Convention Centre and many commercial activities at ground level with a wonderful view of the port harbour.

The premises of the north building regularly host exhibitions such as the Cibio food salon, the cartoon and animation exhibition and the Sports Festival, which spreads out along the whole Ancient Port area.

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