Casa del Console (consular house) in Calice Ligure
via Roma, 61 - 17020 Calice Ligure (SV)
Telefono: 019 65 433 - 656
Fax: 019 65 434
L'edificio L'edificio

The Casa del Console museum is the only contemporary art establishment in Finale, a reference point for the whole province of Savona. Its existence and activity are aimed at restoring the dialogue with the territory that developed from the artistic experience found in Calice Ligure between the 70s and the 80s.

The intervention, part of the Development of the natural and cultural resources of Liguria project (Level 4 of the ROP ERDF 2007-2013), will make it possible on the one hand to further develop the attractiveness of the territory in the Municipality of Calice Liguria by renovating a building belonging to the heritage of historical architectural prestige and, on the other, to develop and promote contemporary art at a local and international level. Being part of the museum system in the province of Savona adds attractiveness to the place and will help develop tourism in the area.

A little bit of history

The Casa del Console was built at the start of the 19th century after being commissioned by Nicolò Massa (1842-1930), the consul in Uruguay, so he could spend the last years of his life in tranquillity. It was then occupied by the Capuchin sisters and in the 1970s it became municipal property.
The museum currently occupies the rooms on the piano nobile, with a collection of contemporary works of art that has grown since the 1980s thanks to various donations.

It is a small jewel hidden in a corner of Liguria that has not yet been reached by great numbers of tourists, but which is starting to become known by enthusiasts. The collection includes contemporary works of art that document the artistic production of an important period.

Something to remember at this point is that from 1964, the year in which Emilio Scanavino, one of the most important characters of informal art in Italy moved to Calice, a colony of artists, art dealers and art critics formed and attached itself to the Albisola group, creating an artistic pole of international importance in this rustic corner of Liguria.

The Museum documented the activity of that period, with material donated by the artists, and was initially managed by Théodore Koenig, founder of the magazine Phantomas. A collection of 100 works of postcard size created for the “Un progetto per una cartolina” (A project for a postcard) competition organized by the Municipality in 1980, and subsequently enriched by recent donations, is part of the heritage of the Museo della Casa del Console.

The intervention

The intervention will increase the attractiveness of Calice Ligure by renovating a building of great historical and architectural prestige, and developing and promoting contemporary art at a local but also international level.

The renovation and surface consolidation intervention on the first floor will involve all the flooring, walls, ceilings, the original doors and window frames and the toilets on the second mezzanine floor.
The electrical systems will be remade and brought in line with current standard, paying particular attention to containment of the subsurface ducted wiring (wireless systems), using systems that have a low impact on the walls wherever possible.

In the outdoor areas, the walking surface of the bridge in via Vecchia and also the “gazebo” will be remade, and electrical and lighting systems for the “open-air” museum spaces (bridge, gazebo and promenade) will be installed. A burglar alarm system will be installed for the open-air museum spaces.

Externally, the main façade of the building (north) will be restored, together with the roofing and the cornice.


The Casa del Console Museum of Contemporary Art is in the Museum System list of Savona, a group of 32 institutions that form a trail which takes visitors along the historical and artistic production of the community in an ideal manner from prehistory until today, supplying an important representation of European contemporary art.


In nearby Rialto, a small town in the valley uphill from Calice, the square of the Roman church of San Pietro was decorated with many murals that narrate the history and traditions of this small community using images.

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