Villa Jorn in Albissola
via D'Annunzio - 17012 Albissola Marina (SV)
Telefono: 019 40 02 91
Villa Jorn Villa Jorn Villa Jorn Villa Jorn Villa Jorn Villa Jorn Villa Jorn Villa Jorn Villa Jorn Villa Jorn

The existing infrastructure has an artistic complex made up of two rural buildings in a large garden, which hold many works by the 20th century Danish artist Asger Jorn.

The first building has ceramic panels on the kitchen walls and balcony, and frescoes painted directly on the walls of the rooms on the first floor and balcony; these panels are very characteristic because they are an integral part of the architectural structure. The renovation that has already been carried out involved only the construction (plants, roofing, wall colouring) without including the true renovation of the asset.

Even the second building which holds a bar-refreshment area on the ground floor and the library on the first floor is made more precious by the ceramic panels which are perfectly built into the walls.

Jorn’s studio was on the first floor, in the room that today is the library: the tables on which he placed his paintings or works to dry with traces of the colours used are still kept here. Another integral part of the complex and a museum structure in itself is the garden, where almost one hundred works of art are hidden and inserted along the various trails.

Inside the house, studio and garden in Albissola, there are a total of three large murals, 64 pieces of ceramic (large and medium sized panels, plates, three-dimensional figures, vases and rough outlines of sculptures), a small canvas painted during the stay in Djerba, Tunisia, 41 pieces of popular Ligurian and Piedmont ceramics, 3 paintings and 24 ceramic pieces made by the artist’s children, 97 sculptures and dressings on the external walls of the buildings and in the garden.

A little bit of history

The Danish artist Asger Jorn (1914-1973), a follower of the “Cobragroup and co-founder of Internazionale situazionista, moved to Albissola Marina in 1954.

In 1957 he purchased a piece of land with two houses on the “Bruciati” hill, and started to renovate them, designing and building all the decorative elements of the buildings and the garden himself, with the help of Umberto Gambetta.

From 1958 Jorn began working with ceramics in the Albissola factories, creating the great mural panel (27x3 metres) destined for the Staatgymnasium in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, in 1959.

In 1960 the municipality of Albissola Marina made Jorn an honorary citizen.
In March 1973 he donated the museum, his home with its garden and the works in and outside them to the Municipality of Albissola Marina.

The intervention

The restoration of such a high number of internationally important works of contemporary art, and their insertion into a cultural museum trail in the territory of the Province was made possible with funds from the Development of the natural and cultural resources of Liguria project (Level 4 of the ROP ERDF 2007-2013).

Full usability of the works of art will help improve the cultural offer of the city, inserting it into a world that is well connected with the artistic production of ceramics.

With this intervention, and those already undertaken by the Municipality of Albissola Marina and its neighbouring Municipalities, the town will be inserted into international cultural circuits, which will greatly increase the flow of tourists from Northern Europe, considering the relationships that tie the Jorn museum complex with Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries.


Just a short distance from Albissola, on the road to Sassello, is the antique Medieval village of Stella, composed of five hamlets: San Giovanni, S. Bernardo, Santa Giustina, S. Martino, Gameragna, which are positioned as the five points of a star.

The Municipality is known because Sandro Pertini, the seventh president of the Republic of Italy, was born in Stella San Giovanni on 25 September 1896 and because Don Perrando, the priest of the Church of Santa Giustina and a paleontology enthusiast, also was born there.

The Municipality of Stella offers a relaxing holiday in direct contact with the surrounding nature, walking, horse riding or cycling through the green areas, doing many open-air sports and tasting the local specialities, a perfect blend between the flavours of the Riviera and those of the hinterland. Do not miss out on the “formaggetta di Stella” (goat cheese).


Defined by Marinetti as the “Libera Repubblica delle Arti” (Free Republic of the Arts), Albisola Marina is a true open-air museum. A city with deep roots, its present is made of intense artistic-cultural activity thanks to the many circles, galleries and different ateliers: exhibitions, performances, installations, extemporary displays and various artistic expressions that meet and develop in new forms. Some shops organise pottery courses, while in others artisans who still work at the lathe can be seen, new forms of art are experimented and antique forms again proposed, preserving the best territorial traditions.

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