Asger Jorn’s Museum House in Albissola
05 May 2014
The striking villa belonged to the Danish Asger Jorn conserves a high number of art works produced or gathered by the artist during his stay in Liguria
Villa Jorn

Asger Jorn, Danish artist, in 1957 bought the building situated on the hill with a splendid view on the sea of Albissola and began recycling, enriching the interior of the house with mural panels in pottery and some of his works. Just before dying he left the house and the 145 works contained in it (potteries, plates, vases, panels and canvas) to the Municipality of Albissola Marina.

The recycling of such a high number of contemporary art works of international importance and their insertion in a more extended museum cultural route has been possible thanks to the funds of the project of appreciation of Ligurian natural and cultural resources  (Asse 4 of the Por Fesr 2007-2013).

The full usability of the works today contributes to the improvement of the cultural offer of the town and inserts itself in a context deeply connected to the pottery local artistic production.