30 October 2013
The 20th century history through shops, furniture, myths and everyday objects reconstructed and preserved in an exceptional museum
17 January 2014
Located in the central Corso Colombo, Palazzo Fascie, dating back to the early twentieth century, with its characteristic colour and the turreted tower, is home to the Musel, the town and territory interactive museum. Restoration involved finishing, flooring and plastering
15 October 2013
Restoration of one of Savona’s symbolic monument now returned to the community
15 April 2014
The renovation in Villa Grock, in Imperia, has finished. On the highest floors of the villa in liberty /deco style, has been set up the Clown’s Museum. A cultural itinerary in the places of the great Swiss clown
12 November 2013
An admirable fortress built by the Genoese in Finale Ligure, it overlooks the whole area from atop and presides over the sea and the valleys around Finale Ligure. Intended to house a museum, it underwent a major renovation, which has just ended, and was inaugurated and opened to the public
05 May 2014
The striking villa belonged to the Danish Asger Jorn conserves a high number of art works produced or gathered by the artist during his stay in Liguria
05 December 2013
Upon completion of work of the former Convent of the Franciscan Friars of Sassello, the new building of the museum will integrate the Perrando Museum, located in the magnificent hinterland of Savona and surrounded by forests and snow-capped mountains