Fort of St. Tecla in Sanremo
15 October 2013
An old Genoese garrison, a fortress built against Sanremo, now a venue for exhibitions and tourism activities
Forte di Santa Tecla

A fortress built not for defending the town, but rather for offensive purposes. This is the peculiar story behind the Fort of St. Tecla, which was built by the Republic of Genoa to clamp down on the revolutionary movements of Liguria’s west coast and the town of Sanremo. The guns are therefore pointed against the town itself instead of the sea.

Converted into a prison over the years, it has now been restored and refitted to accommodate exhibitions and tourism activities as well as other cultural events, thus party making up for the wrong suffered by the town of Sanremo.

The restoration aims to exploit the exceptional central location of the fort overlooking the harbour for tourism purposes.