Villa Curlo in Taggia
Regione Ponte - 18018 Taggia (IM)
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Beyond the famous Roman Bridge on the stream Argentina, in a background which is still very similar to that of the origins, Villa Curlo is a typical example of Ligurian mansion. The big park houses secular trees and inside it valuable furniture and ornaments testify the antiquity of the building, which has conserved the ancient look. Donated to the municipality of Taggia, it is waiting for a suitable destination.

A little bit of history

This is a noble villa from the 18th century, pink in colour, located in a particularly unique landscape: on the left bank of the river Argentina close to the Roman bridge, on the ancient road that led to Castellaro.

Once belonging to Judge Gio Batta Curlo, who donated it to the Municipality of Taggia but reserving usufruct for his wife, it has a nice loggia and a large park with hundred-year-old trees.

The building rises on the left side of the River Argentina, just after the first arches of the Roman bridge, in a scarcely inhabited area and close to the Byzantine church of San Martino.


The Roman bridge, with its 16 arches, leads to Taggia, one of the largest and best preserved historical centres in Liguria.


Peace between the Guelphs, the Ghibellines and the Dorias was signed in Villa Curlo on 13 April 1489.

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