Restoration of Villa Sauli Podestà
18 November 2013
Restoration of the seventeenth century villa of Prà. A conservative restoration promoting one of the products of excellence of the region, basil, right in the heart of its traditional area of production
Villa Sauli Podestà

A significant intervention has allowed restoring Villa Sauli Podestà di Prà, dating back to the seventeenth century. One of the large mansions on Liguria’s west coast has thus been returned to its former glory thanks to an intervention aimed at the recovery and the conservative restoration of this building, achieving its requalification also from a functional point of view.

The restoration included the implementation of a number of safety measures involving the central building, re-roofing, conservation and consolidation of the central hall vault and renovation of the floor slabs. The old chapel has been preserved and fully restored. The restoration allowed recovering the old fireplace as well as numerous frescoes that can be found throughout the complex; the lateral buildings were demolished and rebuilt, as they will soon accommodate the laboratory of the Basil Park service centre to the east, and an auditorium to the west.

The restored villa will thus host the Employment Centre of Ponente (West) and the Basil Park Service Centre, created by the Provincial Administration of Genoa to protect and promote this typical regional product and those who cultivate it, right in the heart of the area of its production.

Started at the end of May 2009, the restoration of villa Sauli Podestà, carried out by the Provincial Administration of Genoa and co-financed by the Regional Administration of Liguria within the project for the development of natural and cultural resources of Liguria (Axis 4 of the EU Programme Por Fesr 2007-2013), will be finalised by next December and inaugurated on 22 January 2014.