Recovery of Ligurian and Roman traces in the province of La Spezia

From the monumental ruins of the large colony of Luni to the settlements of the ancient Ligurians on the rugged peaks of the Apennines. From the Roman villa of Portovenere to the castles of the populations that first inhabited the territory of La Spezia.

Thanks to the Development of the natural and cultural resources of Liguria project (Level 4 of Por Fesr 2007-2013) a number of archaeological sites have been recovered that shed light on the ancient history of the far east of Liguria, the area with the highest concentration of traces of the Liguria's evolution ranging from Ligurian to Roman domination.

Project after project, Liguria Heritage illustrates the details of the daily life of the Ligurians and the extensive signs of the influence of the Romans on the banks of the Ligurian Sea.