The Castellaro of Zignago
27 November 2013
Mountains, meadows, thunders. The remains of an ancient place of worship and a castle surrounded by the meadows of Castellaro di Zignago. A crossroad of people from Liguria, Rome and the Byzantine Empire

Zignago, a small municipality located between Liguria and Toscana, boasts some relevant historical remains. From the places of worship of the ancient Ligurians, to the byzantine fortifications and the remains of medieval villages nestled between hills and mountains, yet so close to the sea.

The Castellaro was already inhabited by nomadic shepherds in the Bronze Age, who built here some of the oldest stone walls in Liguria. Animistic rituals were held in this place, due to the occurrence of frequent thunderstorms around the summit of Mount Dragnone, a cult which led to the construction of a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary, still a pilgrimage destination today. Later on, a byzantine fort was built for defensive purposes against the Lombard invasions.

A recent intervention restored this archaeological area and the access paths, including the reconstruction of a Bronze Age hut with original materials. Information panels and a multimedia station complement the information on this archaeological site and connect it to other relevant sites in the province of La Spezia.